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Hassani Machinery making (Pars industry machine Guilan company )

Hassani Machinery 

(Pars industry machine Guilan  company )

It has started its activity since 2008  to meet the needs of  food and medicine industry all around the world by relying on ability ,intelligence ,creativity and the knowledge of educated  Iranian workforces and even after several years of establishing this company as well as several patents and reaching ISO 9001 CE standards and the golden star for customer satisfaction and taking part in several international exhibitions and earning certificate in food and medicine industry with superior ,skillful, elite workforces and developed machinery with the latest technology  by achieving to the highest level of science ,technology with relying on  ability and internal  knowledge about production of different machines and machineries could use all steps including the design, manufacturing , assembly and etc, to present the best products as you  respectful customers are deserved  ,because we stepped in the production area with the motto of  presenting the best quality for customer satisfaction ,maintenance and continuity with the customer and we believe that the best is always yours.

Founded in 2008, Hassani Machnery Making has been aiming to meet the needs of food and medicine industry all around the world.  Relying on knowledge, ability, intelligence and creativity of educated Iranian workforce, the company has established itself by attaining ISO 9001 CE standards as well as the Golden Star for customer satisfaction. The company has participated in several international exhibitions and obtained certificates in food and medicine industry, thanks to its superior, skilled workforce on machinery of the latest technology. Our team has confidently performed every stage from designing to manufacturing and assembling so as to bring you the highest quality. We embarked on this journey with the motto  of ‘best quality for customer relations and satisfaction’ and we are committed to bring you the best.

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