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One-year guarantee and 10-year after-sale service

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one-year guarantee and 10-year after-sale service


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Fryer machine

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Design and production of different models of full stainless steel, small and large industrial fryers in line with the latest technology of the world Outstanding features: Automatic oil balance and smart feed, equipped with two series of steel reticulate conveyers for flawless frying, equipped with the smart PLC control system and gaseous emission control. The machine can be moved easily on its wheels; balancing option is available too. Cables are wired to lift the lids, filtering system, oil circulator and advanced heat transfer system are other features that make the machine unique. Reasonable price, comparable with foreign products in terms of quality. To watch the fryer, rail fryer and the oven read more. Free installation is included with one-year guarantee and 10-year after-sale service. Price: guaranteed quality at the lowest price as we offer innovation (call for more information) Designing different types of innovative machines in Hassani Machinery Manufacturing. Hassani Machinery Manufacturing
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