Pill capsule blistering machine-Blister machines

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blister machines

Pill capsule blistering machine-Blister machines

blister machine is designed for packing tablets in foil and PVC mold

manufactured: single-template and constant-work four-template. This machine is capable of collecting waste with the capacity of two tanks and an inverter in order to adjust the amount of folding and convenient changing templates and to adjust the electronic ball scroll equipped with Servo motor and encoder to produce limited industrial products at the speed of 1200 to 2200 packs per hour. It is also equipped with PLC controlling system, filler, aluminum pressing, batch number press and laminate, and customized mattress tape cutting, and production counting system. Free installation is included with one-year guarantee and 10-year after-sales service The quality is guaranteed to outstand if compared with Chinese counterparts. Read more … Features: 1- The structure and the chassis of the machine are made of st37 steel; the parts in contact with edible material are 304 stainless steel commonly used in food industry. 2- A full set of forming templates and sealing and cutting is provided by each machine and the templates can easily be switched. 3- The machine is equipped with blister counter and speed control systems. 4- Filling section has the capacity of making a reverse-rotation which allows efficient filling. 5- All setting is equipped with a fixture mechanism in order not to risk accuracy over time. 6- The machine operates with a combination of pneumatic and mechanical mechanism to increase efficiency and accuracy. 7- All elements are supported by changeable thermostats for precise temperature control. 8- The machine is supported with PLC control. 9- The maximum power consumption of the device is 4kw. It can be single-phase or three-phase in line with the customer order. A compressor with a minimum capacity of 100 liters is required. 10- Adjustable electronic scroll ball course is equipped with Servo motor and encoder. 11- Hml touch screen 12- Free installation is included with one-year guarantee and 10-year after-sale service. Price: guaranteed quality at the lowest price as we offer innovation (call for more information) Designing different types of innovative machines in Hassani Machinery Manufacturing. Hassani Machinery Manufacturing Engr. Hassani Mobile number: 989118456372 Sales manager Engr. Mobile number: 989113846372 Address: Lahijan, Roodbaneh Road, Hassani Machinery Manufacturing Sadeghhasani22@yahoo.com

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