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Pill pressing machine-Tablet-making machines

Tablet making machines - pill pressing

Tablet-making machines which are designed and manufactured in various rotary models (11-20 to 33 automated punches with a rate of 15000-60000 tablets per hour) and fully automatic hydraulic, semi-automatic pneumatic hydraulic , impact and impeller models have the capacity to produce tablets from fine, coarse and sticky herbal and chemical powders at a rate of 1500 to 220000 per hour . Free installation is included with one-year guarantee and 10-year after-sale service. This best-selling machine is a 7-ton one-punch pressure switching impeller machine which is comparable to the European model in terms of quality of parts ; it is quite seamless and unique with adjustable pressure and depth, which can be used to pour all kinds of herbal and chemical powders as well as producing various types of tablet coating machines ,blister makers ,(blister or aluminum foil ),automatic can filler machines ,granulators, dryers,… Read more for watching different types of tablet makers … Features: These single-punch models are available in a variety of forms and can be adjusted to a compression ratio of up to 25 mm. The thickness of the tablet is fully adjustable as well as its setting during the work. It is unbreakable and can produce 3000 tablets per hour which is suitable for semi-industrial products .This machine is also equipped with a tablet counter and an inverter that controls the speed. Two reasons why hydraulic models stand out: Devices in market are either impact, punch or rotary, requiring highly granulated materials which make it impossible to make tablets from non-granulated materials because they have a fibrous structure and not all of them granulate easily. In addition, due to the large size of the tablets, they cannot be pressed by the rotary and punch models. The hydraulic model triumphs with its smart adjusting of the pressure and depth which work particularly fine in making multilayer tablets. Manufacturing, coating tablets, layer coating, blister making (foil or aluminum foil), automated can fillers, granulator, dryer, Price: guaranteed quality at the lowest price as we offer innovation (call for more information) Designing different types of innovative machines in Hassani Machinery Manufacturing
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